Robert Davies

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Name Robert Braithwaite DAVIES
Born New Zealand, 1942
Address 16 Gloucester Street, Wilton, Wellington, 6012, New Zealand
Phone + 64-4-475 3346
Mobile + 64-27-444 4935
Internet robert at

Qualifications & awards

1969 Ph D (University of California, in statistics)
1964 M Sc (University of Auckland, 1st class honours in mathematics)
1980 Fulbright Travel Award
2009 Honorary Life Membership, NZ Statistical Association

Skills and interests

Consulting Statistical data analysis and the S-plus statistical computing package for both standard and non-standard problems
Research Research into new statistical methods, especially for unusual situations and for time-series analysis
Computing C++ computing language, particularly for large scale statistical and numerical problems


1999 to date Director, Statistics Research Associates Limited
1992 to date Self-employed consulting statistician
1964-92 Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research (On leave: 1964-69, part of 1980)
1978-82 Leader, Statistics Section
1982-90 Director, Applied Maths Division
1990-92 Manager, Applied Maths Group
1968-69, 80 University of California: teaching & research appointments

Some recent consulting projects

1995-2013 Opus International Consultants: analysis of traffic accident data; analysis of road surface data
2005-2006 Pharmac: expert witness
1995-2013 NZ Lotteries Commission: random number generators, probability calculations
1998-99,2006-7 A manufacturer of micro-processors: random number testing

Refereed or invited publications

Nineteen publications on new statistical methods, time-series analysis and applications mostly in leading statistical journals and publications.

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