John Maindonald

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Name John Hilary Maindonald
Born Nelson, New Zealand, 1937
Address 40 Futuna Close, Wellington, 6012, New Zealand
Phone + 64-4-4769607
Mobile + 64-21-081-414159
Internet john at

Qualifications & awards

2004 Ph.D. (by submission of published work) The Australian National University
1959 M.Sc. with first class honours in mathematics, University of N. Z. (Auckland)
1958 Senior scholar in mathematics, University of N. Z. (Auckland)

Skills and interests

Consulting Statistical data analysis for both standard and non-standard problem, primarily using R and RStudio
Research Statistical perspectives on data mining
Research planning and experimental design
Design and analysis for the development of disinfestation regimes for export produce
Reproducible reporting, using R or R/RStudio, with output to (among other possibilities) HTML, or Word, or PDF
Reproducibility of scientific results, especially as it relates to study design and statistical interpretation
Analysis of RNA-Seq and other gene expression data
Statistical computation


2006-2016 Visiting Research Fellow (retired), Centre for Mathematics and Its Applications, Australian National University (ANU).
Over this time, I have fronted numerous courses (1 or 2 days, or 1 week) on data analysis using the R system. Organizations with whom I have worked include several CSIRO groups, Queensland Treasury Office of Economic and Statistical Research, New South Wales Department of Primary Industry, Civil Air Services Australia, the ANU Genomics Discovery Unit, University departments, and Australian Council for Social and Political Research Incorporated (10 5-day courses).
2001-2005 Research Fellow, Centre for Bioinformation Science, ANU
Most of my work was on the analysis of microarray gene expression data, working with other members of the Centre and with biological and medical scientists.
In 2002, in collaboration with Biolateral Ltd, I fronted courses, for a number of Australian University and other research groups, on analysis of microarray gene expression data.
1998-2001 Statistical Consultant/Research Scientist (ANU Statistical Consulting Unit)
During this time, I worked with biologists, ecologists, epidemiologists, public health researchers, molecular biologists, demographers, computer scientists, numerical analysts, machine learners, an economic historian, forensic linguists, and a lively group of statisticians. These involvements led to a number of joint papers.
I taught a wide range of short courses that were primarily aimed at ANU research students and staff, but that also had substantial attendances from Government and Industry.
1996-1997 Statistical Consultant/Research Scientist (Statistics Department and Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Newcastle)
This work gave me exposure to medical statistics. In addition to consulting work, I offered a number of short courses that were primarily aimed at research students and staff.
1992-1996 Biometrician/Research Scientist, Horticulture & Food Research Institute of NZ Ltd
Largely, this continued earlier work with DSIR Applied Mathematics Division, albeit now largely restricted to disinfestation for export produce.
1978-1992 Officer in Charge of Mt Albert Substation. Applied Mathematics Division, NZ Dept of Scientific and Industrial Research.
During this time, I engaged in collaborative work with researchers from horticulture and plant research, disinfestation research, entomology, and public health, with some industrial consulting.


"Statistical Computation". Wiley, 1984.
(with John Braun) “Data Analysis and Graphics Using R — An Example-Based Approach” (CUP, 3rd edn, 2010).
This has sold more than 10,000 copies. A fourth edition is in progress.
Publications (mostly joint) -- selected examples
Boot, H. M. and Maindonald, J. H. 2008. New estimates of age- and sex- specific earnings and the male-female earnings gap in the British cotton industry, 1833-1906. Economic History Review, 61: 380-408.
Grasso, L.G., Maindonald, J., Rudd, S., Hayward, D.C., Saint, R., Miller, D.J. and Ball, E.E. 2008. Microarray analysis identifies candidate genes for key roles in coral development. BMC Genomics 9:540. doi:10.1186/1471-2164-9-54
Harker, F. R.; Maindonald, J.H.1994. Ripening of nectarine fruit. Plant Physiology 106: 165-171.
Maindonald, J.H.; Finch G.R. 1986. Apple Transport in Wooden Bins. N. Z. Journal of Technology 2: 171-177.
Maindonald, J. H. 2011. Technology-enabled advance in the worlds of statistics, machine learning and data mining. New Zealand Science Review 68: 113-116.
Maindonald, J.; Richardson, A.E. 2004. This passionate study: a dialogue with Florence Nightingale. Journal of Statistics Education 12, Number 1. Published online at
Maindonald, J.H.; Waddell, B.C.; Petry, R.J. 2001. Apple cultivar effects on codtrng moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) egg mortatrty following fumigation with methyl bromide. Postharvest Biology and Technology 22: 99-110.
See my more complete curriculum vitae for details of other publications, including encyclopedia articles and numerous book reviews.

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