Statistical Seismology Library

The Statistical Seismology Library (SSLib) is:

The software is written in the R Language, and consists of a number of R packages. Each package has its own Reference Manual that contains documentation for all functions within that package. The software has been developed in the UNIX and Linux operating systems though versions compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system are also available.


The software has a GPL (≥2) Licence and the intention is to write it in such a way that it can be modified and extended by the user if required.


Please cite the relevant SSLib packages and Base R Software when used to produce published works. This software is partially funded by employers and research grants. It is easier to justify such time if one can show that the software is being utilised by others.

An appropriate citation can be generated by entering citation("PackageName") at the R command prompt, for example for package PtProcess, enter citation("PtProcess"). A citation for the Base R Software can be generated by entering citation() at the R command prompt.

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