Alistair Gray

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Name Alistair GRAY
Born New Zealand, 1955
Address 8 Bristol Street, Island Bay, Wellington 6023, New Zealand
Mobile + 64-21-610 569
Internet alistair at


1977 M Sc (University of Canterbury, distinction ,in mathematics)
1975 BSc (Hons) (University of Canterbury, in mathematics)

Skills and interests


2001 to date Associate - Statistics Research Associates Limited
2000 to date Member of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Methodology Advisory Committee
1999 to date Adviser, Statistical Development Group, Statistics New Zealand (0.6)
Self-employed consulting statistician (0.4)
1993 to 1998 Lecturer in Statistics, Victoria University. Director of External Consulting (1998)
1989 to 1992 Adviser, Mathematical Statistics Branch, Statistics New Zealand; on research leave at Victoria University 2nd half 1990
1985 to 1989 Senior Mathematical Statistician, Mathematical Statistics Branch, Statistics New Zealand
1981 to 1985 Mathematical Statistician, Statistical Methods Branch, Statistics New Zealand

Some recent consulting projects

2001 Dept. of Child, Youth and Family Services, Min. of Social Policy: Analysis of notification of harm data
2001 Min. of Social Policy: Design work for survival analysis of invalid beneficiaries
2001 Tourism NZ: Statistical analysis of Market Assessment Model
1999-2001 Dept. of Internal Affairs: Analysis of the Gaming Survey Phase 2
1999-2000 Advice to Superannuation 2000 Taskforce and Min. of Social Policy on the analysis of Survey of Older People data
1999 Presbyterian Support Central: Statistical analysis of costing survey
1999 Min. of Commerce: Sample design work for profile sampling for the retail electricity market
1997-2001 Dept. of Corrections: Random Sampling Processes to support Public Prison Drug Testing Strategy
1996-2001 Hillary Commission: Sample design and analysis advice for Sport and Physical Activity surveys
1996-1997 Wrightsons: Cluster analysis of staff satisfaction surveys to identify impact of restructuring

Refereed publications

Nine publications on time series analysis and applications in refereed journals or international conference proceedings. See publication page.

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phone: +64 21 610 569; www: